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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I bring my dog to the festival?
    A: Yes!  Remember they must be on a lead, and please don’t take them to the food stalls.  Some people are not comfortable around dogs, especially large ones, so avoid crowded areas with your pooch.

    Q: Can I buy tickets at the gate?
    A: Perhaps, but only if we don’t sell out first. We set a limit of 2000 patrons for the festival. This is due to the size of the venue, and we want it to stay a small country festival. If we don’t sell 2000 tickets online then we’ll sell tickets at the gate. Tickets at the gate will cost $3 each more than online.
    Buy your tickets online via our homepage.

    Q: I have mobility problems – how easy is it to get around?
    A: We have a disabled parking area close to the gate, but you’ll still need to travel a few hundred metres. The ground is flat but it’s a paddock, so there is the odd stone, dip, thistle etc.  We have one easy-access toilet, look for it on the map in the programme or ask one of our volunteers.

    Q: Can I bring my own picnic to the festival?
    A: Yes!  We’ll have plenty of open space for you to sit and enjoy a coffee or a meal.  We’ll provide seating, but feel free to bring your own portable chairs, even a table!  If you do this, please don’t leave them set up for long periods of time if you’re not occupying them.  Fold them up and put them to one side.  There is a wire fence, you might like to bring a bike lock to secure them against theft.

    Q: Can I smoke on site?
    A: No. Please don’t bring tobacco products onto the farm at all. Tobacco can carry pathogens harmful to plants grown on this farm including tomato, eggplant and capsicum.
    For patron comfort we also don’t allow vaping.

    Q: Can I get my keep-cup filled?
    A: Yes please! Bring your keep-cup and reusable bags. You might like to bring an insulated bag for your produce as well. If you have any other ideas on how we can reduce waste from our festival, please let us know via the contact form above.

    Q: Can I get a refund for my ticket?
    A: Generally yes, but check the terms and conditions printed on your ticket.

    Q: Do I need cash? Can I pay by card?
    A: Contactless payments are encouraged, but since Wifi and mobile phone reception are somewhat unreliable out here in the bush, bring some cash in case a vendor can’t connect their payment machine.

    Q: The festival showcases garlic and tomatoes. What about vampires?
    A: Even in 2022, which was a terrible year for garlic, no vampire sightings have ever been reported to the festival committee. Beware of tomato-only festivals which don’t have garlic protection!

    Q: Who runs the festival?
    A: We’ve formed a non-profit organisation called the Tasmanian Garlic & Tomato Festival Inc. Our members come from all over the state, and a committee is formed each year to run the festival. Profits are put into running the festival the following year, and we try to give plenty to the local community.
    If you’d like to be involved please check out the About Us and Membership pages.